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Well kiddies, it's time for another RAMONETURES release! For this go around, The World's Foremost Punk Instrumentalists have torn through the pages of the X songbook to come up with one KILLER album! As with the band's self-titled debut, the RAMONETURES are again led by mastermind/Phantom Surfer MEL BERGMAN. This time the boys are joined by punk legends BILLY ZOOM and DJ BONEBRAKE to answer the musical question, "What would it sound like if the VENTURES recorded a boatload of great X tunes?" And, filling out those crazy sounds are CHRIS BARFIELD on guitar and bass, and MARK NEILL sitting in the producer's chair and knocking out the occasional guitar lick.

But there are plenty of fun facts, in-jokes and obscure gags associated with this album that you RAMONETURES and X fans may want to know! Let's take a look, shall we?

- See that cool silver leather jacket our lovely model is wearing? It's the VERY jacket Billy Zoom wore onstage in the early years with X.

- Could that be Billy Zoom's actual Gretsch Silverjet gee-tar our model has slung over her shoulder? Indeed!

- Check out that deftly rendered lettering in the title of the album. (Not the band name; the TITLE!) That was done by renowned artist COOP! By the way, it's based on the look of the word "Johny" as it appears in the lower corner of the inner sleeve of the first X LP, "Los Angeles".

- Does that blue-sky background look kind of familiar? It was taken from the cover of RAMONES album, "Leave Home" - an obscure, in-joke nod from one sophomore album to another.

- You can't see it here, but the back of the LP/CD features a photo of a burning letter "V". Of course, that refers to the burning "X" on the cover of "Los Angeles", but it's also a tribute to the Ventures.

- On the album, the X tune "Sugarlite" has been renamed "Shadowlight". Why? Because CHRIS BARFIELD came up with an AMAZING lead guitar part in the vein of Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin. So, basically you get the RAMONETURES pretending to be the RAMONES pretending to be the VENTURES joining half of X to play X tunes but also pretending to be the SHADOWS on one tune.

- Art Robles, Jr., credited as "Mane Engineer" on the CD, is Mel's barber...and a huge X fan.


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