Hey Ho, Let's Go
for the world's GREATEST
Ramones tribute band!!

Pass the Carbona, dust off that leather jacket and get ready to do some serious Cretin Hopping to THE ROMANES! Coming at you from Portland, Oregon, the Romanes are four happening young lads who have taken hero worship to a whole new level. And,with their leather jackets, moptop haircuts and a sonic arsenal of dozens of Ramones tunes, THE ROMANES make no bones about where their loyalties lie. These guys are playing the music they love by the greatest rock-n-roll band of all time!


But how does such a band come about? While the true identities of the Romanes are a closely guarded secret, it is rumored that the boys have all been a part of the Northwest music scene for years. And, with music in the Northwest taking a turn for the unexciting, the boys decided the time was right to help put the fun back in rock...just as their idols had over 20 years before.

And so it was that Frankie, Sammy, Petey and Dino Romane decided to don leather jackets and ripped jeans, sling their guitars low (dig that white Mosrite!) and re-learn how to count to four. They've stolen liberally from the Ramones stage show (including that dramatic entrance to the strains of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly") and have learned dozens of tunes from the Ramones Songbook.

Now, less than a year into their existence, the Romanes have played to packed houses around the Northwest, including a headlining gig at Portland's famous Crystal Ballroom. They've opened shows for Mojo Nixon, Los Straitjackets and the fabulous Smugglers. Screaming fans have turned out in droves, and the boys are already working on their first album, a collection of revved-up Beach Boys tunes called "Pet Sematary Sounds."


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