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Well, in this politically correct world, we're sure that this page is bound to offend a few people. Good for us!! Personally, we dig women. We dig REAL women; none of these Kate Moss starving junkie losers for us!! For that matter, forget ALL those supermodel dames. We've just updated this section with more pictures of the babes your weird uncle fantasized about in the 50s and 60s. The women who filled the pages of men's mags like Knight andCavalier. They ain't perfect. They're better than perfect.


NOW...let's meet the ladies...


This woman is a "nudist." Women such as this believed that by going to "nudist colonies", removing their clothing and playing games such as table tennis, they could lead longer, healthier lives. Male "nudists" believed that by going to "nudist colonies", they could see more naked women than if they just went to a bar or something.






Whoops! Looks like this charming lass forgot the top half of her swimsuit! Come on, guys...scroll on to the next pic and give a girl some privacy! You clowns!












Ya know, if there's one thing we really hold sacred here at Blood Red, it's music. Music, music, MUSIC!! The lovely guitarist shown here pretty much sums up what it is we love most in life. Yep...we love music. Supple music. Soft, smooth, gently curving mounds of music.






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