Be prepared to be dazzled and delighted by actual photographic evidence that The Surf Trio is a true, genuine, working rock-n-roll band. There are those who claim the band never existed at all; that tales of Surf Trio shows were nothing more than bizarre urban legends made up to coax teenage children into obeying curfew laws and listening to their parents. Or that their records were the work of seasoned studio pros. The pictures speak for themselves, kiddies.



The Surf Trio is real.
All too real......


So, did you know that the first Surf Trio album ("Almost Summer") was produced by the famous Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion/Epitaph Records? Well, it was. Here's (l-r) Brett with Trio guys Aaron Temple and Ron Kleim.


Here's a pic of the rarest Surf Trio release. This box set of five 7" EPs was put out in the early 90s by Moxie Records. Only 300 were made. By the way, that's Jeff Punk Rock Martin's GTO the guys are sitting on.


Okay, so these aren't the clearest pictures! That's ace guitarist Pete Weinberger getting ready to lay down an overdub as Jeff Punk Rock Martin looks on. Dig that VERY cool white Mosrite gee-tar!


Had enough for now? We'll be on the lookout for more rare old pics to add to this page soon. In the meantime, why not mosey back to the