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Here at BLOOD RED, we are committed to bringing you the finest in garage, surf and punk rock. Real music for real people. If you worship the ground upon which folks like THE RAMONES, THE SONICS, THE CRAMPS, THE TRASHMEN, LINK WRAY, THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, THE FLESHTONES, SATAN’S PILGRIMS, THE BOSS MARTIANS, SCOTS and other gods of rock-n-roll strut their stuff, then you’re gonna love the BLOOD RED lifestyle!

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 Wow!! Can you even believe that BILLY ZOOM and DJ BONEBRAKE of X would record something for Blood Red? Well, they have, and if you go to the RAMONETURES page, you can find out all about it!!


Do you dig the SUPER ROCK sound of the FLESHTONES??? Well, they have a brand new album out on Blood Red, and here’s where you can find out all about their SOLID GOLD SOUND.



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 The Ramones may be gone, but why just sit around and be miserable when you can go see THE ROMANES!! The world’s greatest Ramones tribute band has its own page in the Blood Red site!


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